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627 children were in Okhmatdyt hospital during Russian attack, most have been discharged

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627 children were in Okhmatdyt hospital during Russian attack, most have been discharged

Eight young patients were injured in the missile strike on the Okhmatdyt National Children’s Specialised Hospital. The majority of the children were temporarily discharged.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, two adults were killed in the attack, in particular, Doctor Svitlana Lukianchuk. More than 50 people were injured.

According to Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Liashko, 94 of the hospital’s 627 patients were evacuated to other medical institutions in the capital, and 68 are still receiving care in Okhmatdyt’s remaining facilities.

Another 465 children were temporarily discharged, but the institution’s medical team is still communicating with their parents, Liashko said.

In addition to the toxicology building with the chronic and acute intoxications ward, which was the most severely damaged, the Russian strike also damaged the hospital’s old surgical building and a newly constructed building.

Quote: „Almost all of the windows in the old surgical building were blown out, causing substantial damage to two surgical and two somatic wards, an intensive care unit, and an operating room.

In the new building, erected only recently, 12 wards were damaged, of which 8 were surgical, 5 were oncological, 2 were intensive care units, an operating room, and a department of radiology and radiation therapy,“ the Ministry of Health noted.

Additionally, the only oncohematological laboratory in Ukraine was damaged. A missile strike on the hospital’s grounds destroyed two electrical substations.

Specialists connected the hospital to mobile transformers, but they also needed to inspect laboratory equipment that could have been destroyed by an explosion wave.


Ukrainska Pravda.Zhyttia reported on the evacuation of children from the damaged Okhmatdyt wards and the heroic actions of toxicologist Vitalii Its, among others.

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