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Biden: Ukraine can stop Putin

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

Biden: Ukraine can stop Putin

US President Joe Biden believes that stopping Putin’s aggression is a task that the Ukrainian army is capable of handling.

Source: Biden’s speech at the opening of the NATO summit in Washington; European Pravda

Details: Biden emphasised that the North Atlantic Alliance „today, NATO is stronger“, also reiterating Finland and Sweden’s  accession to NATO, as well as the significant strengthening of NATO’s so-called „eastern flank“. However, as he believes, the increase in the US and allies‘ army on the Alliance’s eastern border is not sufficient to stop the Kremlin’s aggressive actions.

Quote: Putin wants nothing less than Ukraine’s total subjugation; to end Ukraine’s democracy; to destroy Ukraine’s culture; and to wipe Ukraine off the map. And we know Putin won’t stop at Ukraine. 

But make no mistake, Ukraine can and will stop Putinespecially with our full, collective support.“ 

Details: Biden said Ukraine’s defence forces will be able to achieve this result „with our full, collective support“.


On the night of 9-10 July, the US president announced the provision of new Patriot systems to Ukraine.
Later, the White House published an official statement in which the leaders of five countries committed to providing Ukraine with additional air defence means.
Overall, partners pledged to allocate over US$1 billion to support Ukraine’s air defence, new air defence systems and „hundreds of additional interceptors over the next year“.

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