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Germany reports on sending Patriot and Leopard 1 ammunition to Ukraine

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Germany reports on sending Patriot and Leopard 1 ammunition to Ukraine

The German government updated the list of military assistance provided to Ukraine on Monday (8 July), confirming the delivery of the third Patriot air defence system.

Source: The Federal Government (Germany), European Pravda reports

Details: The list shows that Ukraine has received the third Patriot air defence system with spare parts and interceptor missiles, ammunition for Leopard 1 tanks, 9,000 rounds of ammunition for Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and 55,000 155 mm artillery shells.

The list also includes 2 TRML-4D air surveillance radars, 30 Vector reconnaissance drones, 200 mobile drone jammers, 10 surface drones, 4 WISENT 1 mine clearing tanks and a Bergepanzer 2 armoured recovery vehicle.

In addition, Germany has handed over 29 SatCom (satellite communication) terminals, 150 night vision goggles, 2 pick-up trucks, 10 protected vehicles, 58,000 rounds of 40 mm ammunition, 93,000 smoke grenades, 800 MK 556 assault rifles, 10 HLR 338 precision rifles with ammunition, 150 CR 308 rifles and 250 MG5 machine guns.

German Ambassador Martin Jaeger announced last week that the third air defence system donated by his country had arrived in Ukraine.

In total, in the first half of 2024, Germany issued licences for arms exports to Ukraine worth €4.88 billion.

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