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Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

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A satellite has recorded traces of fires at an oil depot in Kalach-on-Don in Russia’s Volgograd Oblast, where explosions occurred on 9 July.

Source: Radio Liberty

Details: The video shows two fires with thick smoke coming out of them. According to Radio Liberty, drones hit two groups of fuel tanks located a short distance from each other. The journalists also note that it was only on Wednesday morning that Russian firefighters had managed to extinguish the fire at the oil depot.


On Tuesday night, drones attacked the town of Kalach-on-Don in Russia’s Volgograd Oblast. The target was a local oil depot.
Russian propaganda media reported that the airports in the Russian cities of Volgograd and Astrakhan had restricted arrivals and departures due to the drone attack.
Ukrainska Pravda sources in the Security Service of Ukraine and Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported that a joint operation on the night of 9 July had resulted in fires breaking out at the Akhtubinsk military airbase in Astrakhan Oblast of the Russian Federation, at a power substation in Rostov Oblast and an oil depot in Kalach-on-Don in Volgograd Oblast.

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