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Putin decides to dismiss all Indians serving in Russian army after meeting with PM of India

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Putin decides to dismiss all Indians serving in Russian army after meeting with PM of India

Indian publications, citing sources, report that Russia decided to dismiss all Indians recruited by Russia for the war in Ukraine after a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin. 

Source: NDTV

Details: It is reported that the decision regarding the service of Indians in the Russian army was adopted at a dinner between Modi and Putin after Prime Minister Modi raised this issue.

Sources note that the Russian Federation has agreed to release all Indians recruited into the Russian army and facilitate their return.

At the dinner, Putin also congratulated Modi on being re-elected for a third term and spoke about the growth of the Indian economy.

At least two Indians were killed in Russia’s war against Ukraine, and dozens of those stranded in the war zone claim that they were tricked into participating in the fighting.

It is believed that about two dozen Indians were forced to participate in the war against Ukraine after they were tricked into entering the country under the pretext of getting a high-paying job.

A viral video earlier this year showed a group of men from Punjab and Haryana dressed in army uniforms who claimed they were tricked into fighting in Ukraine and asked for help.

In March, the Indian government said it was „resolutely“ negotiating their early release with the Russian authorities.

Indian intelligence agencies also conducted raids and exposed a network that was engaged in transporting Indians to Russia. During the raids, it was revealed that these firms sent at least 35 Indians to Russia, although one official said it was unclear if all of them were forced to fight in the war.

Indian Prime Minister Modi landed in Moscow on 8 July. This is his first visit to Russia since the beginning of the full-scale war against Ukraine.

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