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Russian attack on Dnipro: death toll rises to 5 – video

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Russian attack on Dnipro: death toll rises to 5 – video

As of 13:30, the number of people killed in a Russian attack on the city of Dnipro has increased, as five have been reported dead.

Source: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Facebook

Quote from Zelenskyy: „Russian terrorist strikes against our city again. As of now, five people have been killed. My condolences to the[ir] families and friends. Thirty-four people were injured, including a child.“

Details: The President said that the State Emergency Service units are working at the scene.

„This Russian terror can only be stopped by two things – modern air defence systems and the long range of our weapons. The world can protect lives, and this requires the determination of leaders. The determination that can and must make protection from terror the norm again,“ Zelenskyy concluded.


On the morning of 3 July, the Russians attacked Dnipro. Explosions rang out in the city; a shopping centre was damaged. It was reported that at least four people were killed and 34 injured.
Later, the Air Force clarified that the Russians had struck Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with three Iskander-K surface-to-surface cruise missiles, four Kh-59 guided missiles and five Shahed attack UAVs. Ukrainian air defence units had shot down 11 aerial targets: one Iskander-K cruise missile, four Kh-59 guided missiles, five Shahed-131/136 loitering munitions and one Orlan-10 UAV.

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