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Ukraine to hear „good news“ on air defence at upcoming NATO summit 

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Ukraine to hear „good news“ on air defence at upcoming NATO summit 

Ukraine is expecting „good news“ with regard to its request for more air defence systems at next week’s NATO meeting in Washington.

Source: a senior US State Department official cited by Reuters, as reported by European Pravda 

Quote: „We hope we’ll be able to get to the summit and make some new announcements on air defence,“ the official said on condition of anonymity.

„You’ve heard that the Ukrainians are keen to secure additional Patriots or similar systems. And I think we’ll have some additional good news for them on that front,“ he said.

The official provided no further information.

Ukrainian officials have been pressing partners for months to deliver more air defence equipment so that Ukraine can protect its population and infrastructure against frequent Russian missile and drone attacks.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin stated on 2 July that the US would soon announce the allocation of supplementary military aid for Ukraine in the security sector valued at US$2.3 billion. The package will include anti-tank weapons, interceptors and ammunition for Patriot and other air defence systems.

Earlier it was revealed that the US has decided to prioritise the supply of anti-aircraft missiles – specifically missiles for Patriot and NASAMS systems – to Ukraine ahead of other states which have requested them.

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