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Blinken reveals contents of US-Ukraine bilateral security agreement

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

Blinken reveals contents of US-Ukraine bilateral security agreement

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has stated that a potential bilateral security agreement with Ukraine will give military assistance in a variety of sectors, bringing the country closer to NATO membership.

Source: Blinken in a speech at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute during a visit to the Ukrainian capital on 14 May 

Details: Blinken stated that the security accords that Ukraine is now negotiating will enhance its „bridge to NATO.“

Quote: „Under our own ten-year agreement, the United States will support the defence and security across a range of essential capabilities – from its air force to its air defence, from drones to demining,“ he added. 

The Secretary of State also hinted at the mechanism of consultations prescribed in the agreement in the event of an attack on Ukraine: „If Russia or anyone else were to attack Ukraine, we will work with Ukraine immediately at the highest levels to coordinate how to help you beat back the threat.“

Furthermore, Blinken believes that the security agreement between Ukraine and the United States will help to accelerate efforts to build the Ukrainian military industry, allowing it to rely less on military assistance from other countries in the long run while also promoting economic growth.

„All of these [measures – ed.] will ensure that, the moment conditions are met and allies agree, Ukraine’s invitation and accession to the Alliance will be swift and smooth,“ the US Secretary of State concluded. 

In early May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that Ukraine was preparing seven new bilateral security agreements, including with the United States.

The Office of the President of Ukraine reported „tangible progress“ in the work of Ukraine and the United States on a bilateral security agreement to follow up on the G7 declaration on security guarantees. The parties hope to agree on the final text in May.

On 11 April, Ukraine and Latvia signed a bilateral security agreement.

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