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Monat: April 2024

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

About 100 men and boys have been living in tents outside the council

Aid group Le Revers de la Medaille said the operation was part of a campaign to move migrants from the streets of the French capital in the lead up to the Olympic Games in July, and to “make room for the beautiful Paris postcard“. It said the asylum seekers have nowhere else to go.

Lukashenko builds huge residence near Sochi – photo

A private company linked to self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is building a huge residence with a hotel, restaurant complex and chalets in the mountains near Sochi in Russia’s Krasnodar Krai. Source: a joint investigation by Belsat journalists and the association of former Belarusian security officials BELPOL, The Insider reports.  Details: The residence is reportedly…

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry provides additional clarification on consular services for Ukrainian men abroad

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued another explanation regarding the suspension of consular services for Ukrainian men living abroad. Source: European Pravda Details: The Foreign Ministry emphasised that the decision only applies to military-age men and represents a temporary suspension of the acceptance of applications from this group of individuals in order to prepare…

Norway allocates US$600 million for air defence and humanitarian support to Ukraine

Norway has decided to allocate an additional US$600 million to support Ukraine. Part of this sum will be spent on air defence and another part on humanitarian support. Source: European Pravda with reference to VG Details: On Tuesday, political parties represented in the Stortinget (the Norwegian parliament) supported the government’s proposal to increase support for…

Ukraine’s trust in NATO allies broken due to delays in aid – NATO Secretary General

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, believes that the delays in the supply of military aid by the Alliance’s member states have affected Ukraine’s trust in them, and strengthening NATO’s role in this situation may solve the issue. Source: Stoltenberg in a comment for Reuters following his visit to Kyiv, as reported by European Pravda Details:…

Trump promises to „try and help Ukraine“

Former US President and now a candidate for this position, Donald Trump, has stated that if he wins the election, he will strive to help Ukraine, but will also require the same efforts from Europe. Source: Trump in an interview with Time magazine, as reported by European Pravda  Details: Asked if he would continue to…

Watch: Swedish city of Malmo opens new ABBA experience

ABBA World celebrates 50 years since the Swedish foursome won the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit song, Waterloo, in 1974. The exhibition fuses aspects of the supergroup, past and present.

Watch: Israeli air strikes kill dozens in central Gaza and Rafah region

Watch: Israeli air strike kills at least three in Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung: Nichts gespürt

Menschen mit einer Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung nehmen Schmerz in geringerem Ausmaß wahr. Auf sanfte Berührungen reagieren sie in Versuchen ähnlich unempfindlich.

Doñana-Nationalpark: Regen beendet Dürre – vorerst

Der spanische Doñana-Nationalpark zählt zu den wichtigsten Naturgebieten Europas. Nach langer Dürre fiel endlich wieder ausreichend Regen. Doch gerettet ist das Gebiet noch nicht.