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Explosions rock Kerch, Russians claim damage to ferries

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Explosions rock Kerch, Russians claim damage to ferries

Russian local Telegram channels have reported explosions in Kerch, occupied Crimea, that occurred on the night of 29-30 May, and later the Russians reported damage to local ferries.

Source: Astra and Crimean Bridge: Operational Information Telegram channels; Suspilne Krym with reference to a local resident; Oleg Kryuchkov, the Russian-appointed governor of Sevastopol, on Telegram

Details: The Astra channel reported that, as local residents said, explosions were heard in Kerch.

In addition, the Russians have once again suspended traffic through the Crimean Bridge.

Update: At 01:30, the Russians announced the resumption of traffic on the Crimean Bridge.

Later, it was reported that about 20 explosions were heard in Kerch.

At the same time, Suspilne Krym quoted a local resident.

Quote: „It is very loud in the city now. We heard six or seven explosions of approximately the same force. The windows in the house were shaking a little bit.“

Update: At 02:51, Kryuchkov reported that two ferries were damaged – a car ferry and a railway ferry.

Quote from Kryuchkov: „During the repelling of the enemy attack on the transport infrastructure of Kerch, two ferries – a car and a railway ferry – were damaged by the fragments of downed missiles, and the glazing of the extension buildings was damaged. There were no casualties.“

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