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F-16 fighter jets expected soon – Ukraine’s Air Force spokesperson

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F-16 fighter jets expected soon – Ukraine’s Air Force spokesperson

The Ukrainian Air Force has stated that they expect F-16 multi-role fighters to appear in Ukrainian airspace as soon as possible.

Source: Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Air Force, in a comment to Ukrainska Pravda

Quote: „After Easter [early May – ed.], this is a rather extended concept. Of course, the Air Force, like all Ukrainians, would like to see the F-16 multi-role fighter jets in the airspace as soon as possible, so we are anticipating them in the near future. 

As soon as it emerges that the first F-16s have come to Ukraine, we will communicate this issue and officially inform our citizens that we have these multi-role fighter jets.“

Details: The spokesperson said that the pilots are currently training in the US and Denmark.

However, the number of fighter jets is not yet known. 


Media reports indicate that the first F-16 fighter jets may fly in Ukraine’s skies in June 2024.
Recently, the Belgian government approved the 25th support package for Ukraine, which includes funds for the maintenance of F-16 fighter jets.

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