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German Defence Minister announces new €500 million military aid package while on visit in Odesa

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German Defence Minister announces new €500 million military aid package while on visit in Odesa

On 30 May, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has arrived in Ukraine on an unannounced visit. While in Odesa, he reported on the preparation of a new package of military assistance to Ukraine worth half a billion euros.

Source: DPA, as reported by European Pravda 

Details: During a meeting with Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umierov, Pistorius revealed a fresh package of German armaments worth half a billion euros to help Ukraine.

Quote: „We will continue to support you in this defence campaign,“ he stated.

Updated at 20:45: The amended DPA report quoted Pistorius as saying regarding the aid package’s contents. It will have a „large number of missiles“ for Iris-T SLM medium-range air defence systems and less for SLS shorter-range systems.

The package includes reconnaissance drones, spare equipment components, more Marder infantry fighting vehicles, armoured combat vehicles, anti-aircraft and electronic warfare systems, hundreds of sniper rifles, and one million rounds for small arms.

According to the head of the German Ministry of Defence, 18 wheeled howitzers will be supplied beginning in 2025, as well as training for Ukrainian technicians, satellite communications, and the repair of 19 Spanish Leopard tanks, which will be transferred to Ukraine by Spain.

The German Defence Minister’s visit to Odesa was kept secret until the evening of 30 May for security concerns.

Germany has earmarked more than €7 billion in military support for Ukraine by 2024. This amount was recently boosted by an additional €3.8 billion.

Earlier this month, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Ukraine that Germany would continue to support it.

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