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Germany supplies Ukraine with ammunition for IRIS-T and 10 Marder vehicles

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Germany supplies Ukraine with ammunition for IRIS-T and 10 Marder vehicles

The German government has supplied Ukraine with another batch of military aid, which includes air defence means, ammunition and armoured vehicles.

Source: European Pravda with reference to the list of military support on the website of the German government

Details: Lately Germany has supplied Ukraine with 10 Marder infantry combat vehicles with ammunition and spare parts, ammunition for Leopard 2 tanks and 7,500 rounds of 155-mm ammunition.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine also received a SKYNEX anti-aircraft rocket system with ammunition, almost 30,000 projectiles for Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft systems, an unspecified quantity of missiles for the IRIS-T SLM air defence system, and a TRML-4D aerial surveillance radar station.

The list also includes a Beaver bridge-laying tank, a DACHS armoured engineering vehicle, nine minesweepers, self-protection systems for the AMPS helicopters, 60 outboard motors, 600 LED lamps and 6 tows for the transportation of M1070 tanks.

Germany also provided 18,000 rounds of 40-mm ammunition, 3,000 portable anti-tank manual grenade launchers RGW 90, 120-mm mortar ammunition, almost 2,000 camouflage nets, 2,000 raincoats and 100,000 first-aid kits for the troops.


On 10 April Germany reported that it had supplied Ukraine with one Warthog terrain tracked carrier and 6,000 rounds of 155-mm artillery ammunition.
Berlin also promised to provide a Patriot air defence system for Ukraine as soon as possible.

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