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Chartered Cities | Hoheitsrechte

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

Chartered Cities | Hoheitsrechte

Imagine unlike prior to a private company offering you as State Service protection of life, liberty and property – to the formulation of John Locke – in a given area. This performance includes about police, fire, emergency rescue, a legal framework and an independent judiciary. You pay a contractually fixed amount for these services per year. The state service as an operator of the community can not unilaterally change the contract later. You have a legal right to demand that it is respected, and a claim for damages for faulty performance. Everything else take care of yourself, but also can make what they want. And just take part, and as long as you like the offer. Disputes between you and the State Service are heard by independent tribunals, as is customary in international trade law. Ignoring the operator the arbitration awards or he abused his power in other ways, migrate its customers, and it goes into bankruptcy.

All we know from the product and service market forth, can be transferred to our life together: the enormous diversity of the offer (to state services), the right to something not to buy what we do not like, finally, the competition between the various suppliers, which ensures that their services are getting cheaper and getting better. This also applies to social security. There are numerous examples of past and present, as it can operate successfully without coercion, for example by means of collective self-help organizations. In the age of online networking they could experience a revival. Incidentally, even the less affluent are looking for their car rather itself to obtain purposed forcibly instead of.

The citizen would at once courted customer who may at any time change providers, instead of always available cash that has to buy the departure by exit taxes. Unlike the politicians of the ancien régime, who can make decisions at the expense of others, without having the slightest own economic disadvantage if it goes wrong, has the private government contractor skin in the game. This fact alone disciplined immensely.

The operator is the need to make an effort and not simply charged the rules may change customers when it suits him in the junk service. The competition will ensure that there will be many different models of living together, for everyone something suitable. The degrees of freedom, innovation and self-reliance will be consistently high. And if this is all too much, just go in all-inclusive systems that decrease an all decisions. After no more than a generation such private systems are likely to be prosperous, free and peaceful more than anything we know of.

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