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Household appliances produced for Ukrainian market start to be sold in Russia

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Household appliances produced for Ukrainian market start to be sold in Russia

Household appliances produced by Bosch, Delonghi and Philips for the Ukrainian market have begun to be supplied to Russia and sold through online retailers and electronics stores.

Source: Russian newspaper Kommersant

Details: Kommersant reported that the shipments are being made through Turkish, Polish and Baltic state foreign vendor subsidiaries to maintain their positions in Russia. Experts believe that foreign factories have redirected the flows due to a drop in demand for equipment in Ukraine amid the war.

The Russian online retailers Ozon, Wildberries and Yandex Market have started selling Bosch appliances that were intended for the Ukrainian market, Kuppersberg CEO Dmitry Shashkin told Kommersant: „We found out that the appliances were intended for the Ukrainian market, as we ordered a Bosch SMV24AX00K dishwasher ourselves through the domestic marketplace. The appliances arrived bearing Ukrainian stickers.“

Shashkin added that the supply of such appliances to Russia „is widespread, as some foreign brands have recommended that their Turkish, Polish and Baltic factories continue to supply them to maintain their positions in the Russian market.“

Kommersant found the Bosch model on M.Video, Citilink, Yandex Market,, and others (Kommersant has verified that the equipment bears seals and stickers indicating the place of delivery as Kyiv, and all instructions are translated into Ukrainian).

A Kommersant source among retailers, who referred to a GFK report, said that 284,000 dishwashers worth a total of RUB 9.8 billion [roughly US$109.8 million] were sold in Russia from March 2023 to March 2024, up 9% year-on-year. Bosch took 6% of the market this year in quantitative terms (10% in the previous year) and 11% in monetary terms (15% in the previous year).

Dmitry Khludnev, CEO of Weissgauff, a household appliance manufacturer, points to the supply of foreign appliances to Russia intended for the Ukrainian market.

According to Khludnev, in addition to Bosch, the Italian manufacturer Delonghi and the Dutch company Philips also supply appliances to Russia in this way.

One of the senior managers of a large chain of electronics stores also confirms the availability of such goods in Russia. He further noted that a few months ago, a Turkish distributor invited the chain to purchase foreign equipment intended for the Ukrainian market.

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