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Military medical boards to no longer indicate „partially fit“, starting 4 May

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Military medical boards to no longer indicate „partially fit“, starting 4 May

Starting from 4 May, individual assessment of fitness for military service has been almost completely abolished in Ukraine, where the military medical boards could choose the formulation „partially fit“.

Source: Radio Liberty, citing the amendments to Ukraine’s Defence Ministry order No. 402, which regulates the work of military medical commissions

Details: This order comes into effect on 4 May. 

Radio Liberty writes that the main innovation of the document is that almost entirely (except for four cases), the individual assessment of fitness, where the medical commission could choose between the formulations „fit“, „unfit“ and „partially fit“, has been abolished.

In many cases, the formulation „partially fit“ for service under conditions of martial law has been replaced with: „Fit for service in support units, military training centres, military educational institutions, medical units, logistics units, communication units, operational support, and security units.“

It is noted that individuals with such a record in their military ID can be conscripted if there is a need for replenishment in these specific units.

Now men aged 18-60 who had the status of „partially fit“ must undergo a medical examination again. They have until 4 February 2025, to do so. For these individuals, the commission will indicate only two statuses: fit or unfit.


On 21 March, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) adopted draft law No.10313 On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Ensuring the Rights of Military and Police Officers to Social Protection. 
On 22 March, Deputy Defence Minister Nataliia Kalmykova said that servicemen who were declared partially fit for service would have to undergo another medical examination, as the Verkhovna Rada had cancelled this concept.

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