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Mobilised Ukrainian prisoners have already captured a Russian – Justice Ministry

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Mobilised Ukrainian prisoners have already captured a Russian – Justice Ministry

The first convicts to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine are currently undergoing training, and some of them have already distinguished themselves by capturing a Russian soldier.

Source: Deputy Justice Minister Olena Vysotska in an interview with the media outlet hromadske on the effectiveness of mobilising convicts

Details: Vysotska said more than 600 prisoners have joined the army so far, and the number is growing. As of 29 May, over 4,000 convicts have expressed a desire to join up.

The prisoners’ applications must be considered in court. Prior to that, the volunteer prisoners undergo a medical examination, are reviewed by the military medical board, and meet their commanding officers. Vysotska is convinced that the initiative is proving to be effective.

Quote: „The convicts who are going to serve now are doing so in an absolutely controlled manner — after they have been checked as the law requires. They will be trained and do important work for our state. There are a lot of different jobs at the front, not necessarily involving weapons. But even with weapons, I’ve already heard of one successful case: I’ve received information that some of the first convicts have captured a Russian.“

Details: The Ministry of Defence will determine where former prisoners will serve, Vysotska added, but she emphasised that Ukraine is not following Russian practice. „On the one hand, we’ve accepted the challenge not to repeat Russia’s mistakes and undemocratic approaches. On the other hand, we should not give convicts the opportunity to serve in rear units, replacing their punishment with freedom. It’s also important to understand that these people have to work for the state for a certain period of time, and their contracts are concluded until the end of martial law,“ she said.

Background: Justice Minister Denys Maliuska previously reported that as of the morning of 28 May, a total of 613 prisoners had been released from prison and joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They are currently undergoing the appropriate training and will subsequently serve in assault units.

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