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Poland allows Ukraine to use Polish-supplied weapons to strike targets in Russia

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Poland allows Ukraine to use Polish-supplied weapons to strike targets in Russia

The Ministry of Defence of Poland has stated that Ukraine can use the Polish-supplied armament to launch attacks on the territory of Russia.

Source: Cezary Tomczyk, Deputy Minister of Defence of Poland, in an interview for Radio ZET, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Asked whether Polish military equipment supplied to Ukraine can be used in the territory of Russia, Tomczyk noted that Ukrainians „can fight however they want“.

Quote: „We decided to help Ukraine in the conflict. Ukraine has suffered a heinous invasion, so it has the right to defend itself in the way it considers necessary.“

„Poland does not impose restrictions when it comes to the use of Polish weapons by Ukrainians,“ he added.

Tomczyk believes that Western countries must also lift the restrictions on using their weapons on Russian territory, if there are any.

Tomczyk reported that Poland had supplied Ukraine with 44 aid packages and was preparing the 45th one. „In total, these donations are worth ZL 15-20 billion (about US$5 billion),“ he specified.

Lately, the Western partners of Ukraine have been discussing a possible weakening of restrictions on the attacks by Ukrainian forces on Russia with Western weapons.

Josep Borrell, Chief of EU Diplomacy, revealed that several European states do not object to the possibility of Ukraine using their weapons to strike targets in Russia.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, stated that Ukraine should be allowed to launch attacks on Russian territory. Finland did not put any restrictions on Ukraine striking Russia with Finnish armament either.

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