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Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

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Two people have been killed and two others injured in Russian attacks on the city of Kurakhove in Donetsk Oblast.

Source: Roman Padun, Head of Kurakhove City Military Administration, on Facebook

Quote: „The enemy once again attacked the city of Kurakhove with high-explosive munitions in the early morning.

The central part of the city was attacked. High-rise buildings were damaged there. Two people were injured and two killed.“

A damaged building and a crater.
Photo: Roman Padun on Facebook

Details: Padun said the Russians had also attacked Kurakhove in the evening on 2 May, damaging power grids. Part of the city has been left without electricity.

The Russians also damaged power grids in the village of Hanivka on Thursday, leaving residents of the Uspenivka district without electricity. Power engineers are working to restore electricity supply.


On 2 May, the occupiers killed two civilians in the village of Memryk, Donetsk Oblast, one of whom was a 12-year-old child.

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