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Power outages in Kyiv affect about 10% of consumers

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Power outages in Kyiv affect about 10% of consumers

The volume of power outages in Kyiv is insignificant, about 10% of consumers.

Source: The Kyiv City Military Administration.

Quote: „After the enemy’s missile attacks on power generating facilities, a significant deficit remains in Ukraine’s energy system. The reason for this is large-scale damage to Ukrainian power plants, which means they cannot produce as much electricity as before the attack.

Due to these reasons and the increase in consumption (due to the cool weather), Kyiv is introducing emergency blackout schedules, including for households.“

Details: It is reported that the outages will last until approximately 23:00 this evening. There are also restrictions for industrial consumers, the Kyiv City Military Administration reminded.

Background: Ukrenergo announced that it is forced to introduce controlled emergency outages in all regions of Ukraine.

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