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Russia admits to detaining Ukrainska Pravda freelance author

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Russia admits to detaining Ukrainska Pravda freelance author

Russia has admitted that it has detained Viktoriia Roshchyna, a Ukrainian journalist and a freelance author for Ukrainska Pravda, who disappeared on 3 August 2023 in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. The Russian Defence Ministry sent a confirmation letter to her father, Volodymyr Roshchyn.

Source: The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, informed about the letter from the Russian Defence Ministry by Victoriia’s father

Details: The letter was dated 17 April; her father received it around 22 April. In response to Volodymyr’s request, the International Committee of the Red Cross also confirmed that Victoriia is in captivity, but there is no access to her yet.

Quote from the letter: „Based on available information, Roshchyna Victoriia Volodymyrivna, born on 6 October 1996, has been detained and is currently in the territory of the Russian Federation.“

Details: Victoriia’s relatives have already submitted a request to Mariupol’s occupation Prosecutor’s Office. From there, they reported that no case was opened against her. Letters to the Russian Prosecutor General’s office, the Investigative Committee, and the Commissioner for Human Rights remain unanswered.

The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine has demanded the immediate and unconditional release of Victoriia Roshchнna and other illegally detained journalists.


In March 2022, Roshchyna was captured by Russian invaders and held in Berdiansk for 10 days.
In order to get to the occupied territories, Roshchyna left Ukraine for Poland on 25 July. She planned to travel through Russia to the occupied east of Ukraine in three days.
Viktoriia Roshchyna disappeared on 3 August 2023 in the Russian-occupied territory from where she was reporting. 

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