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Russians heavily bombard Kherson, injuring people – video

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Russians heavily bombard Kherson, injuring people – video

Russian troops are actively bombarding the city of Kherson on 2 July. 

Source: Kherson Oblast Military Administration; Roman Mrochko, Head of Kherson City Military Administration 

Quote from the Oblast Military Administration: „An ambulance has taken a 54-year-old man to hospital with concussion, brain and head injuries. The man is being provided with the necessary medical care. 

Preliminary information indicates that several residents of the city have been injured as a result of the latest hostile attacks. Please stay in safe places!“ 

Details: Mrochko said that a 54-year-old man had come under Russian fire in the city centre. 

Another man, 80, who was affected in the attack, sustained shrapnel wounds to his chest, right hand and left foot. He was hospitalised in a moderate condition. 

He was injured as a result of the attack on the Korabelnyi district of the city, where he was in the garden of his house.


On the night of 1-2 July, the Russian army also massively bombarded the central part of Kherson.

Residential buildings, an educational institution, a medical facility and an administrative building were damaged.

Several fires broke out.

Firefighters who came to extinguish the fires came under repeated attack. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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