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US opens arms factory to produce artillery shells for Ukraine

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US opens arms factory to produce artillery shells for Ukraine

A new General Dynamics arms factory has opened, focusing on the production of 155mm artillery shells, in Mesquite, Texas.

Source: Reuters; NYT; Voice of America

Details: The Pentagon has reportedly set a goal of producing up to 100,000 artillery shells per month by the end of 2025 to supply Ukraine with weapons. 

The factories in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania together produce about 36,000 shells per month. The new facility in Texas can supply 30,000 units per month.

The factory, which cost more than US$500 million to build, will consist of three production lines and provide 350 new jobs. 

It is designed for the flexible manufacturing of different types of ammunition with minimal adjustments, which will aid in achieving the army’s modernisation goals.

Another ammunition factory is currently being built in Camden in Arkansas. Additionally, the Pentagon plans to open a second shell production line at the military plant in Iowa and partially reopen a plant in Parsons, Kansas.

US Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth emphasised the importance of this facility, noting the role of the factory in strengthening national defence by increasing production. „The work done in these production facilities contributes directly to our nation’s defence and makes us stronger,“ Wormuth said at the opening ceremony.

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