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Zelenskyy: Defence Forces partially stabilised situation in Kharkiv Oblast

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Zelenskyy: Defence Forces partially stabilised situation in Kharkiv Oblast

On 15 May, the Ukrainian military managed to „partially stabilise“ the situation in Kharkiv Oblast, where Russian troops intensified their offensive.

Source: Zelenskyy’s evening address on 15 May

Quote: „All day long, our military and the Ministry of Defence have been delivering reports. Our attention is constantly focused on the frontline, in all combat zones. In Kharkiv Oblast— the areas near the border, the city of Vovchansk — our defensive actions continue. Over the course of the day, our Defence and Security Forces of Ukraine — all units involved — have managed to partially stabilise the situation. The occupier, who entered Kharkiv Oblast, is being destroyed with all available means. Artillery, drones, and our infantry are working quite accurately.“

Details: The president has given special attention to the Pokrovsk front in Donetsk Oblast and the Kupiansk front in Kharkiv Oblast. The Russians are seeking to drive back Ukrainian soldiers, making combat actions less focused. „We are reacting to this exactly as we should — we must have the means to retaliate against the enemy in every direction,“ said Zelenskyy.

Previously: Earlier, Khortytsia Operational Strategic Group reported that Ukraine’s Defence Forces stopped Russian attempts to break through the defences on the Kharkiv front. The situation has been somewhat stabilised, but fighting continues.

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