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Trump promises to „try and help Ukraine“

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Trump promises to „try and help Ukraine“

Former US President and now a candidate for this position, Donald Trump, has stated that if he wins the election, he will strive to help Ukraine, but will also require the same efforts from Europe.

Source: Trump in an interview with Time magazine, as reported by European Pravda 

Details: Asked if he would continue to provide military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, Trump responded: „I’m going to try and help Ukraine but Europe has to get there also and do their job,“ adding that European countries are not „paying their fair share.“

The former US president also reacted to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s views. Following a meeting with Trump in March, he stated that if Trump was to be re-elected, he would not give Ukraine a penny.

„No, I said I wouldn’t give [a penny – ed.] unless Europe starts equalizing. They have to come. Europe has to pay. We are in for so much more than the European nations. It’s very unfair to us,“ Trump said.

He also claimed that the European Union unfairly discriminates against the United States on economic concerns, and European NATO countries began to increase their defence spending after he threatened to allow Russia to invade them.

Media reports say that if Trump wins the US presidential elections, he intends to „reduce commitments“ to some NATO member states and plans to push Ukraine and Russia to negotiate.

Zelenskyy publicly invited Trump to Ukraine several times, but people close to Trump have denied that such discussions are ongoing.

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