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21 people are injured due to Russian attack on Kharkiv

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21 people are injured due to Russian attack on Kharkiv

21 people were injured, including three children due to the Russian attack on Kharkiv on the evening of 14 May.

Source: National Police of Ukraine; head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration Oleh Syniehubov

Quote: „The Russian military shelled the Shevchenkivskyi district of Kharkiv at around 16:10 in the evening of 14 May. Preliminary, the enemy struck four times with UMPB D-30 SN. Multi-storey residential buildings, 15 garages and a non-residential one-storey building were damaged.

21 civilians were injured as a result of the attack. There are three children among the casualties“.

Details: The police also report that at around 17:55, the Russians struck the city again. As follows, a hit to the ground was recorded in the Saltivka district. The police also found an unexploded 5B55 missile, a S-300 missile, which fell between two parked cars near the territory of buildings. There were no casualties.

As of 22:55, explosions were heard in Kharkiv again.


On the afternoon of 14 May, Russian forces struck a residential building in the central part of the city of Kharkiv. City Mayor Ihor Terekhov clarified that the 10th floor of an apartment building was hit. 

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