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Biden signs law on banning import of Russian enriched uranium

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Biden signs law on banning import of Russian enriched uranium

US President Joe Biden has signed a law banning the import of enriched uranium from Russia on 13 May.

Source: a statement by Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor, on the White House website

Details: Sullivan noted this decision would strengthen US energy and economic security, reduce dependence on Russia in civilian nuclear energy, and eventually eliminate it.

Quote from Sullivan: „This new law reestablishes America’s leadership in the nuclear sector. It will help secure our energy sector for generations to come. And—building off the unprecedented US$2.72 billion in federal funding that Congress recently appropriated at the President’s request—it will jumpstart new enrichment capacity in the United States and send a clear message to industry that we are committed to long-term growth in our nuclear sector.“

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More details: Sullivan also spoke about the US commitment made last December – along with Canada, France, Japan and the UK – to jointly invest US$4.2 billion to expand uranium enrichment and conversion capacity: „I am proud to say that with these funds from Congress, we have well-exceeded that pledge and working with industry to realise this ambition.“

Background: On 1 May, the US Senate voted in favour of a bill to ban imports of enriched uranium from Russia and sent it to President Biden for his signature.

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