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Current electricity supply restrictions may last until August

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Current electricity supply restrictions may last until August

Consumer outages that began on 14 May may last until August-September. There will be a shortage in the power system in winter, even at high temperatures.

Source: Yurii Boiko, the adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine and a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national energy company

Quote: „If we talk about the restrictions that began a day ago, then, according to my estimates, we will have to live in these conditions until August. I expect a slight improvement in August-September due to different factors,“ Boiko said.

In particular, during this period, nuclear generation will come out of the active phase of repairs, and solar generation will still be largely beneficial for the power system. Boiko explained that the load on the power system will also decrease due to the mild weather. 

Quote: „If we talk about May, these restrictions could have started a little later if not for such cold weather,“ Boiko said.

He explained that as temperature decreased, the population began to actively use heating devices, and there was a power system shortage, even considering the active import of electricity.

Quote: „To keep the power system balanced and prevent accidents, dispatchers were forced to resort to extraordinary measures and apply consumer shutdowns,“ Yurii Boiko said.

Background: The director of the Centre for Energy Research says that even if certain damage to generation is repaired, Ukrainians will live with an electricity shortage for the next two years.

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