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Death of Ukrainian in Budapest: Ukrainian embassy investigates how tragedy happened

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Death of Ukrainian in Budapest: Ukrainian embassy investigates how tragedy happened

The Ukrainian Embassy in Hungary is seeking to clarify the circumstances surrounding the recent tragic events in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where a Ukrainian citizen died from stab wounds.

Source: press service of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry in a comment for European Pravda

Details: The press service noted that the ministry is aware of the death of a Ukrainian citizen in the capital of Hungary. „The embassy is establishing additional circumstances,“ the Foreign Ministry commented to European Pravda.

Prior to that, the Budapest police reported the arrest of a 44-year-old man suspected of killing a 48-year-old Ukrainian.

Hungarian law enforcement received a report on 1 May about a fight between two men, one of whom was bleeding.

Early reports indicate that a 44-year-old Kazakhstan citizen stabbed a 48-year-old Ukrainian with a knife several times during an argument. The Ukrainian citizen died at the scene.

A criminal investigation has been started on suspicion of murder.

Hungarian RTL Híradó media noted that both men worked as lorry drivers. They were on transportation company territory at the time of the tragedy.


Recently, there have been several murders of Ukrainians abroad that have caused a stir. Two Ukrainian soldiers died in April in Bavaria, Germany, as a result of stab wounds. Pre-trial restrictions were imposed on a 57-year-old Russian suspect.
In February, 17-year-old Ukrainian basketball player Volodymyr Yermakov died after an attack by a group of young people in Germany. Soon after, another casualty of the same attack, 18-year-old Ukrainian basketball player Artem Kozachenko, died in hospital.

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