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EU insists that a few European diplomats at Putin’s „inauguration“ did not undermine support for Ukraine

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EU insists that a few European diplomats at Putin’s „inauguration“ did not undermine support for Ukraine

The European Commission has said that the attendance of several EU diplomats at Vladimir Putin’s so-called „inauguration“ on Tuesday does not call into question the EU’s position on support for Ukraine.

Source: a briefing in Brussels on Wednesday by Peter Stano, lead spokesperson for the European External Action Service, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The participation of diplomats from several EU countries in the „inauguration“ of the Kremlin leader does not actually call into question the EU’s agreed position on supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia, Stano said.

Quote: „This event in Moscow was rather a protocol issue, including the invitation of ambassadors from states all around the world. The big majority of the (EU) member states decided not to attend because of the reasons the High Representative enumerated,“ Stano said.

Quote: „We all, EU 27 member states, have pronounced ourselves very clearly about what we thought and what we think about this so-called presidential election. The position is very clear, and the position of supporting Ukraine is also very clear.,“ the spokesman added.

He reiterated that the participation of several diplomats in the „protocol event“ in Moscow yesterday does not contradict the EU’s position on continued support for Ukraine, and the EU ambassador to Moscow did not attend the ceremony.


Borrell said on Tuesday morning that he had advised EU countries not to send their representatives to the „inauguration“ of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.
He said that it would be difficult for Ukrainians and many in the world to understand why European representatives attended the „inauguration“ in Moscow under these circumstances.
However, according to media reports, diplomats from at least six EU countries, France, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Hungary and Slovakia, decided to attend Putin’s „inauguration“ on 7 May.
The European Commission later explained why some EU countries did send representatives to the „inauguration“.

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