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Explosions due to UAVs near Moscow – local authorities

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Explosions due to UAVs near Moscow – local authorities

Explosions were heard in the Russian town of Balashikha near Moscow, and local authorities reported the downing of a drone on the evening of 27 May.

Source: the head of the Moscow Oblast of Russia, Andrei Vorobyov; local telegram channels

Details: Vorobyov wrote that at around 21:00 in the Kuchino microdistrict of Balashikha, an air defence system allegedly shot down a UAV, and its wreckage fell on a private house. The residents of the house were not injured.

Russian telegram channels release the location of the drone debris in Balashikha

He also said that residents of Balashikha could hear several „khlopoks“ [Russian propaganda, initially refusing to use the word ‘vzryv’ (explosion), used ‘khlopok’ (a bang) instead – ed.].

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