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Germany provided another IRIS-T system to Ukraine

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Germany provided another IRIS-T system to Ukraine

On Friday 24 May, Ukraine supposedly received another IRIS-T air defence system from Germany.

Source: Der Spiegel, as reported by European Pravda 

Details: According to the publication, another air defence system, an IRIS-T, arrived in Ukraine from Germany on Friday, the latest addition to Ukraine’s arsenal of four medium-range and one short-range systems.

These German systems, a relatively recent development, have proved to be extremely effective in protecting large Ukrainian cities and important infrastructure from air assaults.

In the middle of the month, the German ambassador to Ukraine announced that another IRIS-T would be given to Ukraine by the end of May.

In total, Germany promised Ukraine 9 IRIS-T SLM and 11 IRIS-T SLS. However, the issue is not only producing systems in sufficient quantities to meet Ukraine’s needs, but also producing interceptor missiles, as the manufacturer cannot keep up with the pace of their depletion in the war.

Germany delivered a new batch of military assistance to Ukraine, which includes artillery shells, Leopard 1 AP tanks, machine guns, drones, rifles and ammunition.

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