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Italian president explains his vision of ending war in Ukraine

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

Italian president explains his vision of ending war in Ukraine

Italian President Sergio Mattarella said at the UN General Assembly on 7 May that peace in Ukraine is possible only if the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are restored and not if Russia is rewarded for its aggression.

Source: European Pravda, citing AP news agency

Details: Mattarella noted that Italy, which currently holds the G7 presidency, and many international partners have come to Ukraine’s defence to support the principle of solidarity with states that are attacked in violation of the UN Charter.

„No state, no matter how powerful or how equipped it is with a menacing nuclear arsenal, can think of violating principles, including the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of another country without facing sanctions,“ he said.

Mattarella noted that the end of the two world wars and the collapse of the Soviet Union had infused Europe with new hope, adding that „Russia has taken on the great historic responsibility of having brought war back to the heart of the European continent“.

The Italian president stressed that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not just a regional conflict. He emphasised that the war in Ukraine has resulted in food and energy shortages, especially in some parts of Africa.

Mattarella further said that the peace dividend, which advocated for directing resources towards development rather than armament after the Cold War, has been compromised as Russia has turned back the clock and launched a new arms race.

The president said the war in Ukraine is now in its third year, and Italy, its international partners and people around the world are committed to achieving a peaceful and lasting solution to the war.

„Not just any solution, though, let alone a solution which would reward the aggressor and humiliate those being attacked, setting a dangerous precedent for everyone,“ Mattarella said.

„If peace is to be fair and long lasting, it must be based on the noble and inalienable principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations,“ he added.


However, the Italian government has stated that the weapons it provides to the Ukrainian Armed Forces are meant to be used only within Ukraine’s borders.
Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni does not support sending Western troops to Ukraine, against which Russia is waging a war of aggression.

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