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Kyiv’s top priority in military aid is MQ-9 Reaper drone – Politico

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Kyiv’s top priority in military aid is MQ-9 Reaper drone – Politico

Ukraine is increasingly interested in obtaining the MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance drone from the United States, having moved it to the top of its wish list in recent months.

Source: Politico, as reported by European Pravda

Details: It is noted that interest in these drones has increased as Ukraine plans operations for the summer and looks for new ways to help identify Russian targets deep in the rear.

Since the early days of the full-scale war, the MQ-9 Reaper has been a priority for Kyiv as it sought to use them for strikes and surveillance. But recently, Ukraine has abandoned some of its intentions and is mainly interested in using the Reapers for reconnaissance only. This was stressed by four people familiar with the matter.

Three industry representatives and a person familiar with the Ukrainian requests said that the desire for drones is not new, but that the request has become more important to Kyiv as it seeks any battlefield advantage it can get.

Politico stated that the United States is still hesitant to provide the MQ-9 Reaper because of fears that Russia could shoot them down.


Back in 2022, a group of members of Congress, including representatives of both parties, called on the US Department of Defense to provide Ukraine with modern drones, which have not yet been provided.
The letter from 17 members of Congress is addressed to Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin and is dated 21 August 2022.  
It states that Ukraine could better counter Russian threats with advanced drones such as the MQ-1C Gray Eagle or MQ-9A Reaper. 
However, at the same time, it became known that the Biden administration would not provide Ukraine with advanced drones due to fears of escalation, despite requests from Kyiv and a bipartisan group of members of Congress.

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