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Navalny’s associates show inside of Putin’s „palace“ – photos, video

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Navalny’s associates show inside of Putin’s „palace“ – photos, video

On the eve of the inauguration of Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, the Anti-Corruption Foundation published videos and photos from his palace near Gelendzhik.

Source: Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF)

Quote: „We were able to get video footage from inside of Putin’s palace in Gelendzhik, which has already been fully completed. And now we will see everything with our own eyes: the stucco, crystal chandeliers, personal chapel and, of course, the aqua disco. 

We will literally break into Putin’s home and show who he really is. He is a crazy old dictator who, even during the war he started, could not stop and continued to build his luxurious palace.“

Details: After the investigation into Putin’s palace in 2021, a friend of the Russian leader, businessman Arkadiy Rotenberg, said that the building belonged to him and that an apartment hotel would be opened there after renovation. 

However, as the ACF found out, more than 3 years later, no apartment hotel appeared in the palace on Cape Idokopas, although the renovation had already been completed.

The investigators managed to obtain a video of the real interiors of the palace. They were filmed on a hidden camera; who exactly did it is not specified.

The video shows an aqua disco, a swimming pool, a street alley with pseudo-antique statues, a jacuzzi, a massage room, numerous paintings on military and patriotic themes, expensive furniture and chandeliers.

Instead of a gambling room and a casino, there is now a house chapel with an unusual triptych with icons of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and St Vladimir. There is also a throne there.

The ACF also published floor plans of the palace. At the time of filming, not all the furniture had been unpacked.

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