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Netherlands plans to transfer F-16s to Ukraine in autumn

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Netherlands plans to transfer F-16s to Ukraine in autumn

The Netherlands expects to send F-16 fighters to Ukraine this autumn – right after Denmark, which expects to deliver first fighter jets in the summer. 

Source: Dutch Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren at a briefing in Vilnius, writes Delfi, as reported by European Pravda

Details: Ollongren stated that such a timeframe for supplying fighter jets to Ukraine is part of a detailed allied plan. 

Quote: „Everything has been arranged according to the project, which comprises training Ukrainian pilots, training service staff, and transferring actual aircraft,“ she said.

The Dutch minister reported that Ukrainian pilots are now being taught in a variety of countries.

„And if we can keep on this path and everything works out for Ukraine in their own country, Denmark will send the first aircraft this summer. And we plan to take part in deliveries starting in the autumn with our F-16s,“ she added.

Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, the Danish Ambassador to Kyiv, noted that he is optimistic about the arrival of F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine this summer.

Earlier it was reported that the Belgian government decided to accelerate the supply of its own F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine and make it happen by the end of 2024, without waiting for the formation of a new cabinet.

There have been media reports that the first F-16 fighter jets may appear in Ukrainian skies around June 2024.

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