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Pro-Russian collaborator killed in occupied Berdiansk – photo

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

Pro-Russian collaborator killed in occupied Berdiansk – photo

A pro-Russian collaborator had been killed in an explosion in occupied Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast on 5 May, and died of his injuries.

Source: Viktoriia Halitsina, Head of Berdiansk City Military Administration, on Telegram; Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on Telegram

Quote from Halitsina: „On May 5, an employee of the occupiers’ penal colony was killed.

An explosive device was planted under the car.“ 

Details: Halitsina reports that the traitor died on the spot from his injuries.

According to Russian authorities, a criminal case has been filed in connection with the murder of a penal colony employee in Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

The investigation states that on 5 May, an unknown person planted an improvised explosive device under his vehicle. The man died of his injuries at the scene.

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