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Russian forces fire three Iskander ballistic missiles on Odesa

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Russian forces fire three Iskander ballistic missiles on Odesa

Russian forces attacked densely populated areas of the city of Odesa with three Iskander-M ballistic missiles on the night of 30 April – 1 May.

Source: Major Illia Yevlash, Head of Public Relations of Ukraine’s Air Force, on air during the national joint 24/7 newscast

Quote: „As we can see, the enemy has now chosen Odesa as its key target. Just like they were attacking Kharkiv before (and are continuing to do so). This time, they have attacked densely populated areas of Odesa with three Iskander-M ballistic missiles, resulting in fatalities and casualties. Clearly, this is yet another manifestation of the bloodthirsty face of Russian terror.“

Details: Yevlash said such Russian attacks serve only to intimidate Ukrainians and destabilise the situation.

He noted that Russia continues to target Ukraine with ballistic missiles, which are extremely difficult to shoot down.

The major noted that only one system at Ukraine’s disposal (which has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in combat) is able to intercept ballistic missiles, the US-made Patriot.

Therefore, Ukraine needs more of these systems and missiles to fight Russian terror and preserve the lives of civilians.


On the night of Wednesday, 30 April – 1 May 2024, a Russian missile attack in Odesa claimed three lives and left three more injured.
On 29 April 2024, Russian forces launched a missile attack on Odesa. A fire broke out in the house of Serhii Kivalov, a former MP from the pro-Russian Party of Regions and the notorious former head of Ukraine’s Central Election Commission. The house is owned by the International Humanitarian University. Kivalov was among the injured.
The Russian military leadership deliberately struck the city of Odesa on 29 April with an Iskander ballistic missile equipped with a cluster warhead in order to kill as many civilians as possible, an investigation believes.
On 30 April, a day of mourning was declared in Odesa Oblast.

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