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Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s „inauguration“ takes place in Russia

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s „inauguration“ takes place in Russia

The Russian government has held the so-called inauguration of Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the capital of the aggressor country after the non-transparent „elections“ organised by the Kremlin. Putin has been the de facto ruler of Russia since 2000 and will be able to rule the country for another 6 years.

Source: broadcast from Moscow, Russian propagandists

Details: Putin took the oath of office at a ceremony in the Kremlin, promising to protect „the Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen“.

Putin said in his speech that „we are looking towards the future with confidence“ and „together we will win“. The Russian leader also said that Russia does not seem to be abandoning dialogue with Western countries: „This is their choice. Whether they intend to continue trying to restrain Russia’s development, continue the policy of aggression and pressure on our country, which has not stopped for years, or look for a way to cooperation and peace,“ Putin said.

Previously: Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it sees no reason to recognise Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin as the democratically elected and legitimate president of Russia. The foreign ministry noted that during the so-called „elections“ in Russia, there were violations of the provisions of numerous international documents that form the basis of the modern system of international relations. 


Czechia, Estonia and Latvia have already confirmed that their representatives will not be attending Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s so-called inauguration on 7 May.
EU diplomat Josep Borrell is opposed to EU representatives attending the „inauguration“ ceremony of the Kremlin ruler.
Earlier, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the manner in which Vladimir Putin’s sham re-election was conducted and calling for those elections not to be declared legitimate.

After the fraudulent „elections“ in Russia, Putin lost his legitimacy as president of that country, so European Pravda no longer uses the term „president“ to refer to this person. Here we justify and explain the importance of this change.

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