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Russians intensify operations in Kharkiv Oblast with attacks, sabotage groups and fighting in border areas

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Russians intensify operations in Kharkiv Oblast with attacks, sabotage groups and fighting in border areas

Russian occupation troops have intensified their activities in Kharkiv Oblast, and battles are ongoing there.

Source: Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration; Deep State project; Ukrainska Pravda sources in the military

Quote from Syniehubov: „The occupiers have intensified attacks on the northern front. First of all, the enemy strikes at the town of Vovchansk.

The attacks with aerial guided bombs, MLRS and artillery continued throughout the night. There were unsuccessful attempts by the sabotage groups to break through the border.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are confidently holding their positions: not a single metre has been lost. The enemy group does not pose a threat to Kharkiv, as its forces are only enough for provocations on the northern front.“

Details: The Deep State project stressed that the intensification began with dense attacks on border settlements in Kharkiv Oblast with various assets. Currently, the attacks continue, particularly in the area of Vovchansk. Electronic warfare systems and UAVs are also actively used.

Ukrainska Pravda sources said that there was fighting in the border area of Kharkiv Oblast.

The Russians are trying to enter a number of settlements along the border.

At the same time, however, the Russians’ current available resources are not enough for a deep advance.

Quote: „At the moment, the situation is that the enemy is destabilising the border areas. But it is not known how many main personnel they are ready to use for this manoeuvre…

In the information field, such actions by the enemy were expected. The units of the Defence Forces, which are directly holding positions along the border, expected it even more. Now everything is in their hands, and they are making every effort to repel the next offensive by the Muscovites. The task of the entire society is not to panic but to help our soldiers on the front line. Civilians in the border areas should not be afraid, but listen to the calls from local authorities, in particular, to evacuate.“

Updated: Tamaz Gambarashvili, Head of Vovchansk City Military Administration, stated that evacuation of the population is underway from the city of Vovchansk and surrounding settlements in Kharkiv Oblast. The authorities, police and volunteers are working together to help people leave.


Recently, there has been evidence that Russia is building up a group of troops in the north of Kharkiv Oblast.
Earlier, the Defence Forces warned that the Russian Federation could become more active in Kharkiv Oblast but noted that no sufficient grouping for a full-scale invasion had been recorded there. At the same time, they warned that the Russians could resort to certain provocations.

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