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Statement by Ukrainska Pravda editorial office regarding threats against Mykhailo Tkach

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Statement by Ukrainska Pravda editorial office regarding threats against Mykhailo Tkach

On May 10, Mykhailo Tkach, the head of the Ukrainska Pravda’s investigation department, received a message from a person who introduced himself as Oleksandr Slobozhenko (the hero of the recent investigation Unfit for Service), with a proposal to „conclude a settlement“ in exchange for a monetary reward. The communication concludes with the phrase „I advise against putting off your response. I can fight, too.“

Unauthorised individuals attempted to enter Mykhailo’s bank account several times on 11 May, but were unsuccessful.

The journalist began receiving dozens of calls from unfamiliar numbers and SMS messages containing permission codes from banking and credit organisations.

On 13 May, emails with threats were sent to at least 10 employees of Ukrainska Pravda:

„I have written to Tkach about this, but it appears that he did not get the message. I’ll try to get my points across one last time. The ability to close your mouth in time can save lives. My offer to settle the situation peacefully stands; I await a response. S.“

It is worth noting that emails with the same content were sent not only to the editorial team, but also to the personal email addresses of UP journalists, including those that have not been used in a long time.

We believe these activities were intended to influence and frighten Mykhailo Tkach and other Ukrainska Pravda staff.

The editors have made a statement to law enforcement agencies on attempts to coerce, threaten, and restrict journalistic activity, and have requested that the identity of the sender of these letters be established.


Ukrainska Pravda learned from sources in law enforcement that Slobozhenko’s departure abroad was due to his inability to serve in the military, namely „serious health problems“. At the same time, in videos posted on social media, the young person engages in activities that are not appropriate for very ill patients: in addition to racing on costly vehicles, he pushes a barbell, jumps a somersault into a pond, rides on water and regular motorcycles, snowmobiles, and so on.

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