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Still very early on to talk about impact of US aid to Ukraine – US Defense Secretary

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Still very early on to talk about impact of US aid to Ukraine – US Defense Secretary

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has said in the Senate that it is too early to tell whether the supplemental funding provided to Ukraine will have an effect on the battlefield, as this will take time.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Voice of America

Quote from Austin: „It’s hard to buy back time, but I think without this help, Ukraine would have a very tough time defending against what is a superior force with the Russians.“

Details: Presenting the Pentagon’s budget request for fiscal year 2025 in the US Senate, Austin stressed that Ukraine’s most important needs now are air defence systems and artillery ammunition.

He noted that when the Pentagon was waiting for the supplemental to be approved, it prepared to „rapidly move those things in support of Ukraine“.

Also, as the Pentagon chief noted, China helped Russia establish its military industry.

„The drones provided by Iran really can help begin to turn the tide there for Russia a bit and allow them to get back upon their feet, in addition to them increasing their production and their industrial base. But without the help from Iran, North Korea and China, this probably would not have occurred to the degree that it has occurred. So, we have engaged in the right channels to emphasise our serious concerns about the PRC and others providing this sort of support,“ Austin said.


On 24 April, US President Joe Biden signed legislation enacted by Congress that offers about US$61 billion in aid to Ukraine and other US allies. Immediately afterwards, the US announced a US$1 billion military aid package for Ukraine.
Earlier, the US had expressed hope that new US military aid unblocked by Congress would over time help the Armed Forces of Ukraine regain the initiative on the battlefield, but a large-scale Ukrainian offensive is unlikely in the near future.
In addition, The New York Times reports that the US considers it unlikely that Ukraine’s defences will collapse

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