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Sweden prepares changes for Ukrainians residing there

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Sweden prepares changes for Ukrainians residing there

The Swedish government is preparing new rules for Ukrainians who reside in the country. These changes will help Ukrainians get onto the population register faster and obtain social security numbers, providing them with several advantages.  

Source: European Pravda; Sveriges radio 

Details: Currently, Ukrainians must live in Sweden for three years before they can be included on the population register and obtain a social security number.  

This period is to be reduced to one year. The new rules are expected to come into force on 1 November. 

Quote from Maria Malmer Stenergard, Swedish Migration Minister: „This means that they will have full access to medical care. They will have access to dental care. They can take care of their children and take parental leave. 

In addition, they can also get a bank identification number through their social security number, which makes it easier to contact authorities and, for example, their children’s school.“

Details: Ukrainians registered on the national register can also participate in an employment agency programme which supports learning Swedish and helps with job searches. 

Participation in the programme will allow Ukrainians to receive more money than they currently receive. Today, Ukrainians can receive a salary from the Swedish Migration Agency of SEK 71 per day (€7), and with participation in the programme, they will receive SEK 308 (€30). 

As of 1 November of this year, it is expected that about 33,000 Ukrainians will be registered and eligible for better assistance in entering the labour market through the employment agency’s programme. 

At the same time, Ukrainians will not be eligible for child benefits or housing, and many of them will continue to live on SEK 71 a day until they can register after staying in the country for more than 12 months.


On 30 April, the Polish government approved draft amendments to the law on assistance for citizens of Ukraine, which provides for greater transparency in the payment of financial aid, as well as changes to the living conditions of Ukrainian refugees.
The German government wants to support Ukraine’s reconstruction with an international education initiative for skilled workers.

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