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The situation is difficult and concerning – Pentagon on situation on Ukraine’s front

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The situation is difficult and concerning – Pentagon on situation on Ukraine’s front

The US Department of Defense has said that the Russian occupation forces are currently trying to advance on the territory of Ukraine, the situation on the battlefield is complicated, and all this is a cause for concern.

Source: European Pravda, citing a briefing by Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder

Quote from Ryder: „Again, it’s a challenging situation on the battlefield right now in Ukraine. But all accounts are, you know, that they continue to take measures to defend their territory. And we’re going to do everything we can to get them the critical munitions and supplies that they need.“

Details: Ryder stressed that the US side is now working hard to speed up the provision of assistance to Ukraine.

When asked what could have caused the situation to escalate, Ryder said a combination of factors, including a delay in the approval of the US aid, had contributed to it.

„Clearly, you know, you’ve got other partners around the world that are providing aid to Ukraine. But the Russians have exploited the situation on the battlefield, and are attempting to make advances. Incremental as they may be, it’s certainly concerning,“ he added.


The US has announced an additional military aid package amid the Russian offensive in northern Kharkiv Oblast.
UK Defence Intelligence believes it is unlikely that Russia has built up sufficient combat power to capture Kharkiv without bringing additional forces to the oblast.

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