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Ukraine receives new batch of Patriot missiles from allies – Spanish government

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Ukraine receives new batch of Patriot missiles from allies – Spanish government

The Spanish government reports that Ukraine has received the missiles for the Patriot air defence systems supplied by Spain and other allies.

Source: Margarita Robles, Minister of Defence of Spain, during a visit to military facilities in Zaragoza, where Ukrainian soldiers are undergoing treatment and training, as reported by El Mundo and European Pravda

Details: Robles stated that these missiles would help Ukraine defend itself from constant Russian attacks.

„The batch of Patriot missiles has arrived in Ukraine. It arrived last week. We are obviously coordinating the supply with our allies because we realise that Ukraine is protecting its integrity, protecting human lives,“ Robles said.

She stressed the necessity for the EU countries to keep supporting the Ukrainian people who face the challenge of Russian aggression.


Spain confirmed its intentions to supply Ukraine with interceptor missiles for the Patriot anti-aircraft system at a meeting of the Contact Group for Ukraine’s Defence (Ramstein format).
Earlier the media reported that Spain had refused to supply Ukraine with Patriot missiles but agreed to provide missiles for the systems already operating in the combat zone in Ukraine amid the pressure from NATO and the EU.
Greece and Spain are under intense pressure from their EU and NATO allies to provide Ukraine with additional air defence systems.

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