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Ukrainian Justice Minister believes up to 20,000 convicts could be conscripted as cells are overcrowded

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Ukrainian Justice Minister believes up to 20,000 convicts could be conscripted as cells are overcrowded

Ukrainian Justice Minister Denys Maliuska believes that 10,000 to 20,000 convicts could be conscripted from the prison system, not least because Ukraine’s detention facilities are overcrowded.

Source: Maliuska in an interview with BBC News Ukrainian

Quote from Maliuska: „Yes, 10,000 to 20,000 [convicts to be conscripted – ed.]. Definitely no more. But again, the question is in the approach. I am saying the numbers have not been calculated at all, because the number will be different depending on the scenario.“

Details: Maliuska stressed that Ukraine’s prison institutions, including pre-trial detention centres, were overcrowded, and there were no places almost anywhere, including in large cities.

„That is why this is a big problem. Last but not least, I am very much campaigning for the mobilisation of convicts in order not to violate the standards for the number of people per square metre,“ he said.

Maliuska also commented on the possibility of including those convicted of murder in the conscription effort.

Quote from Maliuska: „But for example, if we take the category of [those convicted] of murdering two or more people: why does a person go to war if not to kill? Moreover, if we are talking about murderers, especially those convicted for life, these are usually people who committed the crime at a very young age, 18-19 years old. Their brains are not yet formed, their psyches are unstable. And after decades in prison, the psychological portrait of a person then has nothing to do with a person who murdered someone at the age of 18-19. Any psychologist would confirm this.“


On 8 May, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law providing for the voluntary mobilisation of certain categories of convicts.
Persons who have committed premeditated murders, rapists, paedophiles, those convicted of the illegal production, acquisition, distribution or storage of drugs, those who have committed crimes against the national security of Ukraine, and former officials cannot be conscripted into the Defence Forces.
All others who are potentially liable for military service are subject to the same condition: they must have no more than three years left to serve on their sentence.

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