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Ukrainian Magura drones equipped with anti-aircraft missiles – photo, video

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Ukrainian Magura drones equipped with anti-aircraft missiles – photo, video

Footage posted by Russian media has shown that the Magura V5 uncrewed surface vessel (USV), used by Defence Intelligence of Ukraine’s Group 13 special forces unit to destroy a Russian speedboat in the Black Sea on 6 May, was equipped with R-73 air-to-air missiles.

Source: Ukrainian military news outlet Militarnyi, which has examined videos from Russian media

Details: The Russians claimed that a photo of the drone taken from a helicopter showed that one missile is missing. The drone allegedly managed to launch it at a Russian Mi-8 helicopter but missed.

Experts from Militaryi noted that the video shows a superstructure aboard the drone which resembles a Soviet R-73 air-to-air missile. 

In addition, it can be concluded that „anti-aircraft USVs“ continue to carry warheads and can target enemy ships, as after critical hits to the drone, a powerful explosion occurred.

For reference: The R-73 is indeed a short-range air-to-air missile that can also be launched from ground-based systems. It does not require radar or other systems for guidance since it is equipped with its own infrared homing seeker head.

The launch system typically features guides for two missiles. It is likely to be stabilised to compensate for sea motion and is rotatable. The missile’s own seeker head is likely used for target acquisition.


On 6 May, a Ukrainska Pravda source in Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU) reported that DIU hit a Russian speedboat with an uncrewed surface vessel (USV) in the Vuzka (Narrow) Bay area of temporarily occupied Crimea.
Later, DIU published a video of the destruction of the Russian speedboat.

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