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US working on preparing new aid package for Ukraine

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

US working on preparing new aid package for Ukraine

The United States is working on preparing a new package of defence assistance for Ukraine within the funding provided to Kyiv.

Source: State Department spokesman Matthew Miller at a briefing, as reported by European Pravda

Miller said that the United States plans to return to the pace of providing assistance to Ukraine that Washington adhered to before the funding pause. 

„We are working on other packages. I think you can expect us get back to the kind of tempo we were at before we had this break in funding,“ he noted, without specifying when the president’s administration may announce this assistance.

The day before, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that it is too early to talk about the effect on the battlefield of the funding provided to Ukraine, and time is needed for Kyiv to utilise some of the capabilities allocated.


On 24 April, US President Joe Biden signed legislation enacted by Congress that will provide about US$61 billion in additional military and economic aid to Ukraine, as well as support to other US allies.
Earlier, the US had expressed hope that new US military aid unblocked by Congress would over time help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to regain the initiative on the battlefield, but a large-scale Ukrainian offensive is unlikely in the near future.
In addition, according to the New York Times, the US considers a collapse of Ukraine’s defences unlikely.

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