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White House believes US aid will help Ukraine launch counteroffensive in 2025 – FT

Der politische Arm der aktiven Zivilgesellschaft in Europa

White House believes US aid will help Ukraine launch counteroffensive in 2025 – FT

Ukraine will seek to launch a new counteroffensive in 2025 after receiving over US$60 billion in US security assistance.

Source: Financial Times, citing Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor

Details: The FT noted that Sullivan said he still expects „Russian advances in the coming period“ on the battlefield despite the new US aid package approved last month as „you can’t instantly flip the switch“.

However, the official added that with the new aid from Washington, Kyiv will be able to „hold the line“ and „ensure Ukraine withstands the Russian assault“ through 2024.

Referring to next year’s war scenario, Sullivan added that Ukraine plans „to move forward to recapture the territory that the Russians have taken from them“.

„His comments about a potential counteroffensive by Ukraine represent the White House’s clearest articulation of how it views the conflict evolving if president Joe Biden wins re-election in November,“ the FT stressed.

Furthermore, the Financial Times reported that the possibility of a new Ukrainian offensive in 2025 hinges on increased and approved funding from the US Congress and the White House.


Sullivan acknowledged that Ukrainian forces have lost some territory in the country’s east, including the war-torn town of Avdiivka, due to delays in approving aid to Ukraine.
On 24 April, US President Joe Biden signed legislation enacted by Congress that provides for about US$61 billion of additional military and economic aid to Ukraine, as well as help for other US allies.
Immediately afterwards, the US announced a US$1 billion military aid package for Ukraine.

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